Innovation Centre Medway – Councils consult on new planning regime

Medway Council and Tonbridge and Malling Borough Council have each launched a public consultation on the proposed Local Development Orders (LDOs) for Innovation Park Medway.

The Innovation Park Medway site spans the boundary between Tonbridge & Malling Borough Council and Medway Council administrative areas. This means that LDOs must be made by both councils.

In 2018, the two councils consulted on a draft masterplan for Innovation Park Medway. This was subsequently adopted by each council, subject to reaching agreement with Highways England.

The main aims of the masterplan are to:

  • Strengthen the performance of the local economy
  • Create jobs to secure growth and prosperity
  • Realise the area’s potential whilst ensuring the long-term operating future of Rochester Airport

The purpose of an LDO is to simplify the planning process within the site. It enables businesses and organisations that would support the objectives of the Innovation Park Medway to develop on the site without the need for planning permission but subject to a number of criteria set out in the LDO.  Development proposals that do not conform with the LDO or that cannot satisfy the conditions of the LDO will require planning permission in the usual way.

To find out more about the draft LDOs and to view the consultation documents, click on the following links:



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